Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anja Müller-Wood Anja Müller-Wood has been professor of English Literature at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz since 2003. In her research and teaching she specializes on early modern literature and culture, twentieth-century contemporary British fiction and literary and cultural “theory.” She has a long-standing interest in the intersections of literary studies and linguistics and has co-authored articles on Sylvia Plath and Graham Greene from that perspective. A main interest of hers is the reception of literature and the cognitive and emotional predispositions that make particular literary forms possible and effective. >> more >>

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anneli Sarhimaa has been professor of Northern European and Baltic languages and cultures at the University of Mainz since 2002. She has been coordinator of the international, interdisciplinary project ELDIA European Language Diversity for All; since 2007; the project is financed with 2.7 Million Euro from the 7th EU Framework Program during the period of 1 March 2010 – 31 August 2013. >> more >>


Dr. Christoph Unger MA in Linguistics, 1994; PhD in Linguistics, 2001; both from the University of London is a linguist with specialisation in pragmatic theory. He is mainly interested in the cognitive foundations of pragmatic processes and how they help to explain pragmatic pheomena. From this perspective he has worked on various issues of discourse analysis, primarily on the pragmatics of genre and text-type, and on their relation to central notions of pragmatictheory such as relevance and global coherence. He has published a monograph of this research in the series Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition Unger, C. 2006: Genre, Relevance and Global Coherence. Basingstoke: Palgrave. >> more >>