Haas, Mirjam

I am a PhD candidate and lecturer in the Department of English and Linguistics, who occasionally works as a translator. Before coming to Mainz, I have taught English Literature courses at Tübingen University from 2018-19. Tübingen is also where I studied English Literature and Language as well as Scandinavian Studies, with short pre-/interludes in Munich and Berlin. My PhD project is an interdisciplinary one touching on literary and performance studies as well as linguistics. I am working on sound and voice in early modern drama and their impact on (emotional) meaning-making between text and performance. As of now, I am mostly concentrating on Marlowe, Lyly and Shakespeare, with a focus on verse plays. Beyond sound and early modern drama, my research interests include iconicity, adaptation/transcreation, literary linguistics, intertextuality, animal studies and children’s literature.

Academia Link: https://uni-mainz.academia.edu/MirjamHaas