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Podcasting Poetics

11-12 October 2019

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Alyn Euritt (Leipzig)

Patrick Gill (Mainz)

The past fifteen years have seen podcasting emerge as a form increasingly confident of its own virtues and the constructive affordances it can bring to bear on storytelling. As Dario Llinares, Neil Fox, and Richard Berry suggest in Podcasting: New Aural Cultures and Digital Media, “podcasting has transitioned into a new phase, a ‘new aural culture’, with its applications and effects requiring wider interdisciplinary conceptual approaches” (4). To this end, our conference sets out to investigate the history of this new medium’s development as well as the present state of podcasting poetics. Participants are invited to present papers from a variety of perspectives, which may include, but are by no means limited to, the following:


  • narratology, seriality, and form
  • audiences and listening publics
  • interactivity and fan culture
  • monetisation
  • affect and intimacy
  • relation to other media (including radio drama, audiobooks, smart speakers)
  • position within convergence culture
  • aurality


We are pleased to announce that Richard Berry will be the keynote speaker.

Please send suggestions for 20-minute conference presentations to patrick.gill@uni-mainz.de by April 30, 2019. Abstracts should extend to no more than 300 words and be accompanied by a short biographical note.

Comparative Perspectives on the Robinsonade, 1719-2019

12 July 2019

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Winfried Eckel (Mainz)

Jakub Lipski (Bydgoszcz)

Anja-Müller-Wood (Mainz)


The 2019 tercentenary of the publication of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe provides the perfect opportunity to reconsider the global status of the Robinsonade as a genre. Its translations, transformations, and a gradual separation from the founding text by Daniel Defoe , have revealed its truly international character, with the term ‘Robinsonade’ itself first used in the German literary tradition and the most enduring narrative structure established not so much by Defoe himself but by J.J. Rousseau and his commentary on Robinson Crusoe in Emile; or, On Education.

This symposium will address the circulation of the Robinsonade across cultures and national contexts, the adaptability of the form and its potential to speak to various audiences at different historical moments. The organisers invite contributions on all aspects of the afterlives of the Robinsonade across languages, cultures, and media, with a particular interest in contemporary variations on the theme. While prospective participants are invited to speak about Robinsonades in any linguistic, cultural, or national context, please note that the conference language is English.

Please send suggestions for presentations to patrick.gill@uni-mainz.de by 15 March. Abstracts should extend to no more than 250 words and be accompanied by a brief biographical note.

The editors of Comparisons: A Journal on Comparative Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies have expressed an interest in publishing articles based on selected conference papers as a thematic cluster commemorating the Robinson Crusoe tercentenary.